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50% of the proceeds from ALL sales of this eBook will go directly to the Rio Bravo Children's Home in Reynosa, Mexico
Help us reach our goal of selling ONE MILLION COPIES and raising necessary funds to pay for things we take for granted like food, clothing and shelter.



Dear Friend,

A story is told about a man who was walking along a beach littered with starfish which had been washed ashore by a storm. He would stoop down, scoop one up and toss it back into the sea, thus saving it from certain death.

Another man came along and said, "Hey, it's a lost cause! There are too many starfish on the beach. Do you really think what you're doing is making a difference?"

Undaunted, the man stooped again, scooped another starfish up and tossed it lovingly into the water. He looked at the second man and replied, "I made a difference to that one."

Nice story. I'm not sure if it's true or not - makes no difference to me. It reaches me just the same. There's something encouraging about knowing that, while I can't help everyone, I can make a difference in the lives of the needy ... one person at a time.

That's the point of the story, right?

When you help someone, it makes a difference to them. The storms of life may have beached them, but my hands can help the next one I see. Your hands can lift one up too.

The skeptics may confront us with the age-old excuse, "You can't help them all, so why bother at all?" That doesn't mean we have to listen to their indifference. We can stoop down, scoop up one needy soul, and toss him into the life-giving water of compassion.

I don't know you. I don't know what kind of person you are. I don't know how you'll react to what I'm about to tell you. I don't know from which of the two camps you come: the skeptics or the saviors, someone who ridicules or rescues.

I don't know if you'll say, "Why bother?" or...

I made a difference to that one.

All I can do is point you to the beach and tell you about the ones who need your help. The choice to make a one-time purchase for $3.00 to provide shelter, food and clothing for them is one for you to make.

Before I tell you about the needy children of Reynoso, Mexico, let me explain how this all came about...

I've made a living as a writer for most of my adult life. That's how I support my wife, Paula, and my son, Jacob. And a feisty little Jack Russell terrier mix named Sparky.

During my professional career as a writer, I've been blessed to have written articles, reports, manuals, courses, books, salesletters, and more. If you can write it, I probably have.

That's what I do. That's how I make a living. I want to be clear about that up front. It's from that background that I decided I'd like to set a lofty goal for my next ebook...

I still have a hard time saying it out loud. One MILLION copies? That's out there. Way out there. Very few books ever reach that threshold. Way fewer still "ebooks" pass that mark.

While I've been quite successful in the number of sales generated for my products, I've never come close to selling a million of anything.

I couldn't shake all the negative questions from my mind...

How can I get even a fraction of the coverage John Grisham,
Nicholas Sparks and J.K. Rowling get?
Why would that many people buy my ebook?
What can I possibly do to reach a million customers?
How in the world could it ever happen?
Should I just give up on this dream?

Maybe this wasn't such a great idea. It's too much. Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard the voice of a skeptic saying, "Why bother?"

In the middle of my doubts, I recalled one of my favorite quotes. Hall of fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky is credited with saying, "100% of the shots you don't take, don't go in."

I realized that I couldn't sell a million copies of my ebook unless I gave it a shot. My best shot. That's what I decided to do.

Still, it seemed like there needed to be a purpose. Something beyond just Jimmy trying to make a living for his family and reach a goal. This needed to be part of something bigger. Something more significant. Something that changes lives.

Then, I quite literally heard another voice. Not from a skeptic, but from one who rescues. His name is Ray. And I met him when...

Remember the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz? Dorothy and Toto were caught up in a tornado, left the "grey" world of Kansas and landed in Munchkinland -- a land of brilliant colors.

I met Ray on such a trip. (No, we don't affectionately call him "The Wizard".)

I got involved in a mission trip to the Rio Bravo Children's Home in Reynosa, Mexico. Instead of traveling via tornado, I chose the safer transport of a 15-passenger van. My traveling companions weren't a pig-tailed girl played by Judy Garland and her little dog, but rather my lovely wife, Paula and my 10-year old son, Jacob. A dozen or so other fellow sojourners made the trek with us.

Reynosa is a violent city. One of the most violent in all of Mexico.

It's Drug Cartel turf. It's a dreary world of darkness. Poverty. Violence. Hopelessness.

That's what the residents wake up to each day.

Then there's the Rio Bravo Children's Home. Situated right in the middle of the dark and dreariness of Reynosa is this "bright and colorful" place. Literally, it's painted in a eye-popping blend of yellows and blues. Figuratively, it's a refuge that offers shelter, protection and hope... true brightness among the surrounding darkness.

One of our team members said it best when they remarked, "It's like Oz compared to Kansas in the movie. One is grey and dreary, one is bright and cheery." Poetic. And so true.

Here the laughter of children is heard.  Here a warm meal is tasted.  Here an education is given.

That's the practical way of saying...

Here hope is heard.  Here joy is tasted.  Here love is given.

There was only one problem...

Being a "bright and cheery" place comes at a cost. 

You and I buy clothes and food for a few kids.  We pay for their medical costs.  We have a mortgage payment.  We pay the utilities, pay for an education, pay for birthday gifts.

We know how much all that costs, right?!  Imagine for a moment what it takes to handle those same life costs for up to 70 kids!

Hope isn't cheap, folks.

When Ray told us that funds were down significantly from the previous year and funds from the previous year were down significantly from the year before, my heart sank. 

With a struggling economy and escalating violence, many people had stopped giving to the home and stopped coming to the home to help. 

As Ray told of their needs, he wasn't gloomy.  He hadn't transported back to the movie version of Kansas.  He was still full of hope - he knew, we all knew, that this work was too important to fail.  Someone, somewhere, somehow ... the funds would be raised.

He didn't beg for money.  He didn't have to.  Anyone with an ounce of compassion would be glad to give to help these children.

On the drive back home, I knew that I had to do whatever I could to help. 

When we returned to our hometown, we committed to financially support the children's home.  We had witnessed firsthand the lives being changed by this place, and we wanted to be a part of it.

We did three things to contribute...

While these things were great, they were just a drop in the bucket for the overall needs of this home.  What could I do to contribute even more?

Then, it all came together -- why not combine my goal of selling a million copies of my next ebook with my desire to help continue financially supporting this children's home?!

That's when I realized my goal of selling one million copies of my ebook could have much more significance that just making a living.

That's when came together.

RAISE means "to build up" whereas RAZE means to "tear down".  When you combine these two words, you get RAIZE.  The two definitions merge perfectly to describe the mission of

Add in the "I" beginning of our website, and you get personalization of this mission... "I" build up funds and tear down poverty!

It might as well have been named "" because...

If the goal of one million copies sold is ever reached, it won't be because of me.  It will be because of YOU.  And 999,999 other people just like you.  This is not a "me" project, it's a "we" project.

If the necessary funds for providing the food, clothing and shelter needed for the children of Reynosa is going to be "raized", it's going to require you and me and many others to take a very small roll in helping.

All it takes is one small $3.00 purchase
from you to be a part of changing lives.

That's the reality.  Your help makes a difference. 

When my wife and I received the following letter from the administrators of the Rio Bravo Children's Home it touched my heart...


Dear Jimmy and Paula:

Thank you for your gift of XXXXX which was dated 07/21/2011.  We appreciate your help with our ministry with the children of Reynosa.

In July we were able to see God work in a mighty way here at the children's home.  As you may know only a few of our normal summer mission teams came this year and because of that we decided to use our facility for summer camp ministries here in Reynosa. 

The first camp was for jr. high and high school and we had over 100 youth attending.  They stayed for five days in our dorms and we had a wonderful event.  Our son Spencer and one of our houseparents, Juan Grande directed the camp.

The second camp was a daycamp for the neighborhood children.  Our young people passed out flyers and all of them worked in some capacity during the week.  Many of them had a class of their own or they helped with the little ones.  There were over 400 neighborhood children who attended. 

We also had a class for the adults who brought their children.  One day a woman came up to me to thank me.  She said the camp had had a great impact on her life personally.  God is good, all the time.

Your help allows us to continue our ministry and to meet the many needs of our children.  You have a part in each success story that we have.

Sincerely in Christ,
Ray and Leah


The final line in the letter really touched our hearts:  "you have a part in each success story that we have."

This letter may have been written to us as a response to our contribution, but the same can be said of YOU.  If you are willing to help by buying an ebook for $3.00, then you too will have a part in the success stories of these children.

It's the easiest way to change a life that I know of.

So, what about this ebook...

Introducing: "Finish Line Faith:
How To Reach Your Goals

Here's what you can expect from Finish Line Faith ...

Inspirational true stories from the lives of my family and myself that are certain to lift your spirits.
You'll laugh, you'll cry as you read through the pages and find that you connect with most of the stories - you've probably had similar experiences yourself.
A 7-step universal system that you can immediately put into practice to set and reach goals with dozens of insightful tips for success.
A fun and motivating 65-page ebook that you can follow through in daily chapter readings ... or enjoy in one sitting. 
The satisfaction of knowing that as you bought a book for yourself to enjoy, you bought necessities of life for children.

This ebook is in .PDF format.  After making your purchase, you will simply click on a link and transfer the ebook from our website to your computer.  You can then read it on your computer, transfer it to your iPad or iphone for reading, or print it out.

Help me sell a million copies.  Help the children.  Help yourself to a soul-stirring book.  Get your copy now.

Three dollars is a very small thing for most people.  We spend $3.00 on things all the time without even thinking about it.  Seriously, would you miss...

These are just a few of the many things that we spend around $3.00 on without giving it any thought.  Would we miss ONE of them just ONE time?

Listen, I'm not trying to guilt you into helping. That's not the point. The point is, it's so easy to help - why wouldn't you want to do so?

Perhaps that's the best thing about being a part of this mission:  you're gonna do these two things anyway.

As I mentioned earlier, you're gonna spend $3.00 anyway.  So why not spend $3.00 on this ebook.  It's a one-time purchase to help be a part of history and help meet the needs of orphans.  What better way to spend three bucks is there?!  Will you even miss it?!

You're gonna talk to others about the weather, a movie you watched, something that happened at work -- a gazillion different things.  How about telling them about so they can help too?!  You can help send people to this site by mentioning us on Facebook status, posting on a blog, telling your friends and family, listing us in a newsletter -- any of dozens of ways. 

Please help in these two ways.  Make a one-time $3.00 purchase.  Tell others to do the same.  If everyone who reads this will do their part, this WILL reach the goal!

Back to that original story. These kids are like the starfish. You're either a skeptic or a savior. Will you resist or rescue?

There's no question about it:  YOU can make a difference.  YOUR purchase really does help.  YOU are an important part of this mission.

Think of it like this...

Maybe you're thinking that very thought.   What if everyone thought that way?  No one would purchase Finish Line Faith.  No one would help the children.  It's that simple.


If that happened, change would happen.  Hope would happen.  "Bright and cheery" would continue to happen.  Your support does make a difference.  Don't think for a second that it doesn't.  YOU are important.

You may never go to Reynosa, Mexico to minister to those children.  But you can send hope and love and compassion just the same.  You can help provide food, clothing and shelter with a small $3.00 purchase.

And it's all backed by a "money-back guarantee."  If you want your $3.00 back for any reason, just email me anytime during the next 60 days and it'll be refunded with no questions asked.

Place your order below.

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,
Jimmy D. Brown


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